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In 1953, doctors Master and Johnson showed that around 8,000 nerve endings spread out from the clitoris and communicate with the entire body, being the most sensitive part of the woman's body. Women's rights and bodies continue to be mutilated and violated. One of the global goals for 2030 according to the UN is "Build a solid and interactive bridge between Africa and the world to accelerate the end of Female Genital Mutilation #FGM". Part of the profit from this work goes to cooperation with Amnesty International and UN Women, contributing to achieve this goal.

3D Print sculpture + NEtwork manifestation by geolocation, site specific @Instagram.


The Origin Of The New World ® - Network Manifestation from Ana Wika on Vimeo.

“Every time we look at a screen of our devices we become a new form of homo sapiens with new rituals around technology. We are cyborgs. We are creating a new culture through the use of tools that imply a modification in our being. Until now, the modifications affected our physical adaptation helping us to go faster in our lives. Today they affect us mentally, we have created a mental extension towards our second self that interacts and co-creates reciprocally on the network, we are capable of creating wormholes bending time and space between the virtual and the physical with our mobile phones. At any time we can connect to anyone and anywhere regardless of geography which indicates that, through new tools, we communicate as humans in a way that is unprecedented.” (Amber Case. Cyborg Anthropologist).

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Post-Internet art

The transversality between techniques, disciplines and concepts, makes "The Origin of The New World ®" a New Media artistic practice within post-internet Art.

"The Origin of The New World" is a re-reading of the work "L'Origine du monde", 1866 by Gustave Courbet making a comparison between the classical representation, study, communication and understanding of the female body centuries ago and the current need for a more explicit knowledge, study and dissemination so as to establish an imaginary timeline that allows us to be aware of the slow pace of socio-cultural progress for the eradication of discriminatory behavior towards women in many areas, which is still practiced today. The starting point of the project is the creation of an Icon designed with the ASCII characters that we use with our digital devices as a new way of communication and expression of our society. The arrangement of the characters represents parts of the female anatomy, since in this part of the female body there are different areas that need to be known in order to understand its operation and better understand human nature. as they are; labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, urinary opening, vaginal orifice and anus.

Colgante negro 3D Print, Icono “The Origin Of The New World ®”3D Print pendant, Icon “The Origin Of The New World ®”

From this Icon, a framed sculpture is created with 8 3DPrint pieces with the exact measurements of the oil on canvas "L'Origine du monde", 1866 by Gustave Courbet, to establish a relationship between the representation of women and the knowledge of their anatomy before and now.

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Escultura enmarcada “The Origin Of The New World. Serie 8 Prototypes”, 2015 copyright Ana Wika
Framed sculpture “The Origin Of The New World. Serie 8 Prototypes”, 2015.

“A Piece of The Origin of The New World” LIMITED EDITION/100 units, 2021 is a deconstructed reproduction of this sculpture, accessible to the public who, with its acquisition, also becomes an activist against Female Genital Mutilation, contributing and cooperating to this end.

"A Piece of The Origin of The New World" LIMITED EDITION/100 uds.

Detail “A Piece of The Origin Of The New World”, 2021.

Specifying more about the artistic practices in the age of digital connectivity, this project works in collaboration with more netizen artists to create a network manifestation (“Network manifestation” video) in opposition to the oligopolistic tendencies on the uses of social networks. The artists create their own version of the icon "The Origin Of The New World®" so that, through their interpretations posted on the network, we carry out a mapping by geolocation to denounce and give visibility to the countries where, according to United Nations statistics , Unicef ​​and Amnesty International (2017), female genital mutilation is still practiced.

Manifestación Digital por Geolocalización. Site Specific en Instagram. Algunas interpretaciones de artistas colaboradores. 2017

Geolocation Site Specific Instagram Network Manifestation. With colab artists 2017

Ana Wika. All rights reserved ®