Recyclable Framed 3D Print Art Sculpture.

*THooTNW*© is a design and 3D-art expression for gender equality and against gender violence. Working for a STOP in the violation of our bodies and our voices. It's not about women in power or men in power, but about respect for others, consensus, learning, dialogue, co-responsibility, empathy, team, balance... None above the other but all seeking the common good. Without machism. Without hembrism. No assaults. Ready for new ways together.

To make it happen, find your power.

Find it and improve the future.

Are you Ready for Aliens?


“If I stop scandalizing, I cease to exist”, Gustave Courbet.

Spanish Artists collaborating with the project by creating their own version of the icon “The Origin Of The New World”© and posting on Instagram their interpretations, with the ubication of the countries where, according to the UN and Amnesty International, Female Genital Mutilation is still practiced.

So we created a cartography by geolocation to make visible and denounce this fact. "The Origin of The New World. Network Manifestation" 2017, is an online artistic manifestation where cybernauts artists manifest online (site specific art on Instagram) against Genital Mutilation Feminine.

This art project by Ana Wika proposes an alternative to the oligopolistic tendencies on the uses of social networks.


For Gender Equality #STOPMGF

"The Origin of the New World"© is a digital art comunicating part of the woman's anatomy, emphasizing the CLITORIS.

It's a feminist ICON to eradicate gender inequality.

In 2017 the global theme according to the United Nations was "Build a solid and interactive bridge between Africa and the world to accelerate the end of Female Genital Mutilation in 2030", since then we continue working to achieve it.

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